Arkan - Today at 12:17 AM
okay belial's offline @Lilly i need your help, i can't figure out his intentions? he keeps holding hands with me, cuddling with me when we sleep, and kept insisting we get married while we were in the church. do you think he's into me, or just being nice? i mean, we're already friends so it's less weird to do that, right?

Lilly - Today at 12:18 AM

Arkan - Today at 12:18 AM

Lilly - Today at 12:18 AM
Dense, dense boy.
Yeah, he's flirting with you highkey.

Arkan - Today at 12:19 AM
are you sure?

Lilly - Today at 12:19 AM
Completely, one hundred percent positive.
Who proposes just to be a polite pal???
A real considerate bloke?

Arkan - Today at 12:21 AM
i mean, it wasn't really a proposal

Lilly - Today at 12:21 AM
A true friend?

Arkan - Today at 12:21 AM
it was more just kind of a joke

Lilly - Today at 12:23 AM
That's fair, but now imagine making out with a different close friend.

Arkan - Today at 12:23 AM
lilly you're my only other close friend and im gay

Lilly - Today at 12:24 AM

Arkan - Today at 12:24 AM
i dont get it

Lilly - Today at 12:24 AM
You'd make out with someone you're romantically into, but not someone you're not. So, making out with you is a pretty good sign that he's into you. Romantically.

Arkan - Today at 12:25 AM
we didnt make out!!

Lilly - Today at 12:26 AM
Oh, damn, moving slower than I thought.
Alright, consider: does he cuddle and hold hands with everyone?

Arkan - Today at 12:26 AM
it was seir who pushed us into the closet. they were probably just trying to set up something and got interrupted when you threatened seir with dust
well no, but it's not like i know how he interacts with all his friends

Lilly - Today at 12:27 AM
All I'm saying is that there's a very high probability that he's flirting with you.

Arkan - Today at 12:28 AM
i dont know

Lilly - Today at 12:28 AM
It all looks very homosexual from where I'm standing.

Arkan - Today at 12:28 AM
@River @Seir do either of you two have opinions?

River - Today at 12:28 AM
*hides the wedding plans*

Arkan - Today at 12:28 AM

Lilly - Today at 12:28 AM

Arkan - Today at 12:29 AM
are you getting married to someone, river?

River - Today at 12:29 AM
uh, no these aren't for me

Lilly - Today at 12:29 AM
Oh my lord.

Arkan - Today at 12:29 AM
well, anyway
what are your thoughts on this situation?

River - Today at 12:31 AM
I don't have a lot of knowledge about other gay guys, but usually physical contact means something

Arkan - Today at 12:31 AM
are we all just gay in this group

Lilly - Today at 12:31 AM

River - Today at 12:31 AM
I mean I think I am

Arkan - Today at 12:32 AM
maybe we need a not gay person to give input, then

River - Today at 12:32 AM
I can pray to my goddess and ask her?

Arkan - Today at 12:32 AM
if you want
i wont stop you

River - Today at 12:33 AM
*goes off and prays, wailing and begging and pleading can be heard*

Lilly - Today at 12:33 AM

Arkan - Today at 12:34 AM
lilly do me a favour and never post that again

Lilly - Today at 12:34 AM
No promises.

Arkan - Today at 12:34 AM
well anyway so like belial DID once say it'd be really nice if we kissed but he didn't particularly react once we did so ???

Seir - Today at 1:09 AM
maybe kiss him and try it
and if it goes south... Well... I dont usually advocate for murder buuut

Arkan - Today at 1:10 AM
im not going to kill him!!
i like him. i just dont want to be reading too much into things.

[... later ...]

Belial - Today at 12:02 PM
Arkan, let me make it very clear to you that I have a vested romantic interest in you of the most homosexual variety

Arkan - Today at 12:11 PM

Belial - Today at 12:15 PM

Arkan please, I'm not trying to just be nice I'm just gay and in love with you
even if you can be a bit thick headed at times

Arkan - Today at 12:19 PM
@Lilly help
oh she's offline

[... later ...]

Lilly - Today at 1:27 PM
He's gay, Arkan.

Arkan - Today at 1:27 PM
i knew that much

Lilly - Today at 1:28 PM
For you.

Arkan - Today at 1:28 PM
are you sure about that

Lilly - Today at 1:32 PM
Yeah, he's gay and in love with you.

Arkan - Today at 1:33 PM
okay well... even if that is right, what do i do?

Lilly - Today at 1:34 PM
Are you gay and in love with him?

Arkan - Today at 1:34 PM
lilly ive told you this before

Lilly - Today at 1:34 PM
Then let him know the gay love is mutual.

Arkan - Today at 1:35 PM

Belial - Today at 1:35 PM
just tell me

Lilly - Today at 1:35 PM
"Belial, I'm also gay and also in love with you."

Arkan - Today at 1:35 PM
oh god you're online

Belial - Today at 1:36 PM
yeah hello

Arkan - Today at 1:36 PM

Lilly - Today at 1:36 PM
I'm going to go disguise Ireena while you two get on the same page.

Belial - Today at 1:38 PM

Arkan - Today at 1:38 PM
good luck

Lilly - Today at 1:38 PM
Thanks I have costumes.

Arkan - Today at 1:38 PM
i know you do.
i know.

Lilly - Today at 1:39 PM
I like them, Arkan.
I like the costumes.

Arkan - Today at 1:39 PM
i know you do.
Have Fun

Lilly - Today at 1:40 PM
I will, you too.