Known sarcophagi:
  1. true sight
  2. strength
  3. control over fire and ice
  4. power of secrets and spying
  5. invincibility
  6. power of disease, but comes with being shunned by society
  7. shoot lightning bolts from your fingers
  8. reviving people. your eyes change and you want payment for all help.
  9. protection against charm, but your eye sockets become empty
  10. power of flight. you get skeletal wings. you have to eat 1 pound of bones or graveyard dirt every day or you lose your power and die.
  11. become spider man in exchange for many eyes and being creepy
  12. gain +4CHA up to 22 in exchange for not taking no for an answer
  13. gain many lives, suffer effects of old age
  14. 3 casts of Finger of Death. turns your blood into tar.
  15. power of evasion
  16. power of summoning
  17. vampirism, worded as "immortality and undeath"
  18. lichdom, except you need to be Evil
  19. better raise dead, except you look like a corpse