Aireo could lay almost completely flat, yet his golden-furred tails bunched up and made him twice as big. His hands stretched out while he settled, then in the next moment, he was sitting upright with his ears flicked forward. The party tensed - they knew to trust his senses over anyone else - but he laid back down a moment later and cried out, "There's nothing tasty to eat for miles, is there?"

— Melissa Woodrow, The United

the red wizards did this and now they'll pay for it

Tricks and Pranks

Bro, We Are Jokesters. Problem?

Breath of Magic

very innately magical. mention Magic Tattoos.

Nine Tails

cultural significance of tails, rumours about them, magic of tails, 100 years of life per tail

Sprawling Families

i have 200 aunts and that's how life is


Kitsune tend to have two names: their actual name, and a nickname. While their actual names are straight-forward, not more than a couple syllables of easy to pronounce sounds, nicknames are much more varied and usually presented like their real name. They are usually derived from objects or life the kitsune may find beautiful or cool and can change at a hat's notice. This isn't counting the number of names they may take on to perfect a disguise.

Example of kitsune names and nicknames are as follows:


Magical creatures imbued with the cunning of foxes, your kitsune character has the following traits.

Arctic Fox

Fennec Fox

Red Fox