You hit me once, I hit you back.

You gave a kick, I gave a slap.

You smashed a plate over my head, then I set fire to our bed.

oh poor atlas, the world's a beast of a burden
you've been holding on for a long time
adrian aka cee
rash-natured, likes to thrash about
father of all tortie cats
i like buff sad dudes

24 • agender • he/they • bi • il, usa
istj • chaotic neutral • melancholic • yandere
capricious • temperamental • jolly • mischievous
#pokemon, #shingeki no kyojin, #original characters, #roleplay, #cats, #programming, #dungeons and dragons, #genshin impact

• Do not fear the corn. It can smell fear.
• Things that will always start a fight: Clarissa is blonde.
• Some people?? Make fun of others?? To cope??
• Did someone say Miltank?
• I got cancer from nuclear carrots.
• You made me love my cats more.
• Valphobes don't interact.
• You're our leader. Blind, stupid leader, but still.
• "@everyone What should I get to eat?"