Screaming in the dark,

I howl when we're apart,

Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart.

Heyo, my name's Adrian, though my nickname's Cee. I'm 21 years old, use he/they, and live in Illinois. Most describe me as energetic, cheery, and kind of silly. I bounce between moods easily and have a short temper. Sorry if I say something that's needlessly sharp or rude. I'm not socially smart. I'm doing the best I can, so please don't yell at me. I respond aggressively when you act mean.

I've lived in Illinois my entire life. I've traveled out of state a couple times long ago. I've never left the USA. I've moved around a lot, about 7 times before I was 18. Most of which were before I was a teenager. My family consists of me, my mom, and my cat. I also have an older sibling, but I'm not close with them.

I really like cats. I've had one of my current cats, Diana, for 16 years now, and many cats in through those 16 years. I also have a chunky lady named Jolyne that I got from my brother after he passed away. I'm not sure how old she is. My perfect cat would be a tortoiseshell Japanese Bobtail. I also like fat cats. There's so much to love.

It's worth mentioning that I've had a rough past. I'm not comfortable sharing details, but it's wound me up with a number of mental disorders. I'm getting as much help as I can, but it's an uphill battle. In the meanwhile, do be aware that it can make me erratic and unpleasant. Leave me room for error, because error will most definitely come.

If you're having trouble handling me: be honest, blunt, and neutral. Calmly tell me to stop and explain what I'm doing wrong. If you get angry, I'll get angry. If you soften it, I won't understand. And don't just let it slide.

I promise I make a pretty great friend despite this all. I value loyalty, and consider honesty a major part of that. I'm also fiercely protective if you need that. And of course, I'm fun like anyone else! A lot of what I do is just to make people laugh and feel good. I can seem cold and apathetic, but I love making others happy. My issues with empathy are because I struggle to be in other people's shoes, not because I don't care.

If you're looking for my political opinions:

I amI am against

If you use any of the words moody, genius, or ramifications, I will stab you with a fork. I try not to fuss too much over triggers, but those three words are very bad to me, so please avoid them.