When we come back, we'll be dressed in black.

And you'll scream our names aloud, and we won't eat,

And we won't sleep, we'll drag bodies from their graves.

This is a collection of things I see myself in or otherwise connect to. I don't have a name for it. I also do not connect with everything about them.


flareon, litten, ninetales, pichu, poochyena, purrloin, raichu-a, solgaleo, tapu lele, torchic, vulpix-a, wimpod, zorua
no image: lunupine (pokefarm) and solynx (pokefarm)

acerola, bertolt hoover, cain zeitgeist, clover field, hajime hinata, junko enoshima, lillie, mc marcus, ravenpaw

american shorthair (tortie), clovers, red fox